Application examples, cleaning:

  • Rust and paint removal from metal structures
  • Surface preparation in accordance with NACE/SSPC Standard ”WJ1/SC2”
  • Weld preparation
  • Water / abrasive cold cutting in hazardous zones
  • Under water removal of maritime growth from welds and bolted joints for inspection purposes
  • Pipe line cleaning
  • Heat exchanger cleaning
  • Helipad cleaning

Application examples, process pumps:

  • Injection of Methanol, Glycol, Reservoir water, Anti corrosion fluid, Crude oil, CO2, Chemical anti foaming and separating fluids Sea and wash water, Non flammable hydraulic fluid, Oil based hydraulic fluid, Process water

dépôts-marins 3 Aquablast 5 UHP-plongeur 2 Spiderjet 1 closeup of an offshore oil platform, California coast Mains-courrantes 6