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Sirocco Vacuum Loader is produced either with suction facility only, or suction and discharge facilities altogether.

Primarily designed for industrial applications Sirocco can also be used for vacuum sucking products over a long distance or high heights.

Sirocco is mainly used for pumping and discharging industrial dry powder products.

It is also used for flat roof renovation, sucking gravels from the ground floor, prior to discharging them over a flat roof.

Key Points

  •     Compact unit
  •     Strong suction power for pumping different types of products
  •     Important suction distance in length and height
  •     Fine dust is damped in the rear compartment


Tank Volume  14 000 – 17 000 l.
Filtration System 4- cubic metre filter compartment
Filtration 84 – 140 cubic metres
 Vacuum Pump Soundproof  vacuum pump
6 100 cubic metre  h. free flow
 Optional Items Jetting unit
Compliance to ATEX Directives
Tank tipping with facility for loading 1-cubic metre big bags

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