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Aquilon is a dedicated Gully Emptier.

With a turbine operating up to 4 500 cubic metre / h. and a 200mm diameter suction boom, it can suck up waste such as bottles, cans, sand, leaves, …
The boom is located on the right hand side of the vehicle, for keeping the operator away from the traffic.

Aquilon is supplied with a jetting pump for gully cleaning and for watering waste when necessary for pumping.

Key Points

  • Ease of operation
  • Jetting pump for cleaning and blockage removal
  •  Operators safety
  •  Suitable for trucks with a low access height cab


Tank Volume 11 800 l.
Volume Distribution Fixed partition and additional tanks
Vacuum Pump Liquid ring vacuum pump or
multi-stage rotary lobe pump (blower)
3 100 – 4 500 cubic metre / h. free flow
Jetting Pump 57 l./min at 250 bar
Suction Boom DN 150 or DN 200
Optional Item Self-winding 3/8’’ diameter jetting hose reel