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Mini-Combi unit for emergency works, domestic contracts, or waste collection and maintenance in difficult access or limited height areas.

Multi-purpose vehicle available on a 3500kg or 4500kg G.V.W. chassis, suitable for operators holding a ‘B’ (cars) or ‘C1’  (small trucks) driving licence.

Key points

  • Payload
  • Compact
  • Large storage lockers
  • Radio remote control
  • Optional lower height


Volume 1 850 l.
Chassis Cab RENAULT ‘Maxity’
3500 or 4500kg GVW
Vacuum Pump Vane type vacuum pump
318 cubic metre / h. free flow
Jetting Pump 30 l/min at 450 bar
37 l./min at 400 bar
46 l./min at 300 bar
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