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Fitted with an advanced multi-purpose boom integrated with both suction and jetting hoses, our Europa Combi unit is primarily designed for operators safety and productivity at the rear of the vehicle. The telescopic folding boom includes every necessary function for carrying out maintenance, cleaning, and pumping waste water networks. A storage cassette for the suction hose it fitted on the upper part of the vehicle.

The whole unit is fitted with bodywork, which side panels are suitable for owner’s communication. Several storage lockers and lighting of work zones are also provided.

Europa is available on 26 and 32-tonne G.V.W. chassis cabs.

Key Points

  • Moving partition providing larger operational volumes compared to side tanks units
  • Dual hinge telescopic boom for easier and safer handling
  • Boom swivelling range over 180°
  • Ergonomics of work station : all tools are within easy reach


Tank Volume 11 700 – 15 000 l. according to truck size
Volume Distribution Moving partition
Vacuum Pump Rotary lobe pumps
From 2 160 to 3 980 m³/h. free flow
Jetting Pump 211 l./min at 190 bar
240 l./min at 190 bar
232 l./min at  250 bar
Optional Items Bodywork for customised communication
Storage suction hose reel 40 m DN 80

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