combine-hydrocureur-adr combine-hydrocureur-adr-hegoa hegoa-combine-adr


Combi unit designed specifically for the pumping and transportation of ADR hazardous products in waste disposal activities.

Hegoa ADR is suitable for collection of mixed products (water and hydrocarbon) for example in car parks or fuel service stations interceptors.

Key Points

  • Pumping and transportation of products with a flash point higher than 40° C
  • RIVARD provide a list of products which can be pumped and transported
  • No spark arrestor before or after the vacuum pump
  • Volume in accordance with payload
  • Ergonomics of work station: all tools are within easy reach


Tank Volume Total volume 12 000 l.
water 3 000 l. / waste 9 000 l.
Volume Distribution Fixed partition
Vacuum Pump Rotary lobe pump (blower)
1 400 cubic metre / h. to 2 800 cubic metre / h. at 60 % vacuum
Jetting Pump 2 110 cubic metre / h. to 3100 cubic metre / hfree flow
211 l./min at 190 bar
240 l./min at 190 bar
Optional Items Extra ADR waste compartment
Storage suction hose reel 30 m DN 80
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