boues-déshydratées TBM TBM-déshydratation


TBM is a mobile dewatering unit fitted on trucks. Waste is dewatered in-situ, prior to its transportation

A sample of waste is collected to assess the appropriate type of polymer to be used for dewatering. The relevant polymer is then mixed up with sludge or fat during pumping operations, generating the separation of water from waste by flocculation process. Water can be damped back into the septic tanks, fat traps, or sewers

Reducing the volume of collected waste increases the number of pumping operations considerably

Key Points

  •        Continuous process
  •        Heating system for operating in cold climate
  •        Easy and safe access to work stations


Tank Volume 8 000 l.
Vacuum Pump 900 cubic metre / h. free flow
Jetting Pump 70 l./min at 110 bar
Storage hose reel 40 m DN 80 suction hose

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