Unité-semi-mobile-déshydratation déshydratation USF-UFD-déshydratation


On-site systems including a dewatering filtration hook lift type container (‘USF’), and a pumping / treatment unit driven with either a diesel engine (‘UFD’) or an electric motor (‘UFE’).

Systems suitable for temporary operations or installed on a permanent basis.

If a holding pond is available, liquid waste pumping and transportation vehicles empty their load into it, and then the dewatering systems separate water from sludge or fat, reducing the volume of waste considerably.

A sample of waste is collected to assess the appropriate type of polymer to be used for dewatering. The relevant polymer is then mixed up with sludge or fat during pumping operations, generating the separation of water from waste by flocculation process. Then, water can be damped away.

Dewatered waste can be recycled in plants for making compost, biogas, fertilizer…

Key Points

  • Reinforced sealed container fitted with a hook lift facility for transportation
  •  Fully opening and easy locking rear door, supplied with a winch
  •  Easy to operate safe access ladder, with operator’s protection railing
  •  Sampling tap located on top of upper filling piping
  •  Six control hatches fitted with safety bars


USF Dewatering filtration container
Volume 26 000 l.
Dimensions L = 660 x W = 250 x h = 261 cm
Weight 4 500kg
UFD Diesel engine driven pumping & treatment unit
Dimensions L = 260 x W = 160 x h = 140 cm
Weight 2 200kg
UFDC Diesel engine driven continuous pumping & treatment unit
Dimensions L = 565 x W = 240 x h = 233 cm
Weight 3 100kg
UFE Electrically operated pumping & treatment unit
Dimensions (cm) L = 260 x W = 160 x H = 140 cm
Weight 1 800kg



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