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EXVAC is capable of sucking and lifting up all sorts of products, wether they are in a solid, soft, or liquid state.

Using the Vortex effect, EXVAC SE.10 can excavate, transport pneumatically, load, and store several cubic metres of spoil. Its power is suitable for working on rather important distance or depth, depending on site conditions.

A mechanised articulated boom can easily reach remote or difficult access zones, for carrying complex operations in many activities, like in the industry, civil engineering, or even waste disposal.

The soundproofing of components and filtration system used (synthetic or stainless steel), enables operations in urban areas or confined space. Unloading spoil sideways is carried out on site or if necessary in landfill sites.

Key Points

  • Efficiency of the vacuum suction / flow unit
  • 4 operating pump speeds providing lower, reduced fuel consumption
  • Optimised cooling and soundproofing of the suction unit
  • 10.5-cubic metre container with rounded wall for efficient unloading at 1700mm height (according to chassis cabs)
  • Rear platform for easy access to the container
  • Efficient filtration system (synthetic or stainless steel) – 8 large filters with unclogging cycle facility
  • Dust and spoil high level indicator
  • Safe access platform to the filtration system (less than 2.00m high from ground level)
  • ISO type radio remote control
  • LCD 7’’ rear visual display unit
  • 6 movements articulated boom, 180° rotation folded or not during unloading operation (with or without tool)
  • 250 mm diameter suction hose
  • 3 stabiliser legs for safe unloading operation
  • 2 tipping hydraulic cylinders with safety check valves
  • Air compressor with steady pressure and flow (7 bar / 186 cubic metre / h.)
  • Several optional items available : hydraulic drive (2 ranges of speeds 0-50 et 0-1 500 metre / h.), proximity switches, reversing camera, stainless steel filtration system, rotating nozzle (lockable or not), remote start up, dry air and lubricated air reels, earthing cable reel, jetting unit, storage facility for nozzles and extra hoses, side storage lockers (depending on chassis cab chosen), LED lighting


Container Volume 10,5 m³
Nominal Flow 30 000 m³ / h à 32 000 m3/h
Power 270 à 330 kW
Nominal Vacuum 0,4 bar à 0,5 bar


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