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RIV1254TR103A is a Mini-Trencher fitted on a crawler with rubber tracks, mainly dedicated to the installation of networks buried under roads or road shoulders. It is supplied with conveyors for removing and loading excavated soil.

The trenching wheel is driven axially, and it is entirely fitted with covers limiting flying soil and dust.

The machine is supplied with cable drum holding brackets, a complete set of cable guides, and a crumber to install network using the mechanised laying method.

A funnel is also available for carrying trench backfilling with concrete, during cable laying operations.

Key Points

  • Axially driven trenching wheel fitted with side covers
  • Evacuation and loading of soil simultaneously during trenching operation
  • Cable drum holding brackets at the front of the machine
  • Mechanised laying method installation
  • Hydraulically adjustable trench depth
  • Versatile wheel with a range of bolted elements to suit various trench widths
  • Simultaneous operations of trenching, laying cables and backfilling with concrete
  • Rubber tracks


Engine Power 185 kW (252hp)
Operating Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 10 500 x 2 300 x  3 000
Weight 15 500 kg
Minimum trench width 100 mm
Maximum trench width 180 mm
Maximum trench depth 800 mm


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