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RIV1404TC 1755 is a chain trencher supplied with soil removing / loading conveyors.

Excavated soil is either left as a strip alongside the open trench, or loaded into tipper trucks by the front of the machine.

Primarily designed for opening trenches, that machine is fitted with a rear axle and a crumber, on which a laying box can be installed for mechanised laying method installation.
The sizing of the tracks is suitable for different working conditions and operations: road trenching, kerb trenching, road shoulder trenching, or in open fields.

The chain is entirely fitted with covers, limiting flying soil and dust. That arrangement helps also for lifting up and removing the soil. The chassis carrier and the chain are fitted with tilting correction facility, for trenching vertically on uneven ground.

Key points

  • Fully covered chain
  • Removing and loading
  • Excavated soil during trenching operation
  • Crumber
  • Mechanised laying method installation
  • Hydraulically adjustable trench depth
  • Chain fitted on rudder for trenching in curves
  • Versatile chain with a range of bolted elements to suit various trench widths
  • Soil removing facility


Engine Power 285 kW (387hp)
Operating Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 11 800 x 2 700 x 3 500
Weight 32 000 kg
Minimum trench width 250 mm
Maximum trench width 550 mm
Maximum trench depth 1 700 mm

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