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RIV 554 is a carrier which can be used for fitting several different trenching tools (to be specified at time of order).

The fabricated upper chassis carrier is fitted with a 550hp engine, and with Heavy Duty ‘B4’ or ‘B5’ type crawler tracks.

Robust, it is supplied with 600 mm wide flat tracks with or without rubber pads, or with steel grousers.

The carrier is linked to the crawler track with axles and powerful hydraulic cylinders for tilting facility (+/- 7.5°), to maintain a horizontal position of the machine.

The machine is supplied with cable drum holding brackets, which are adjustable in width and in length, depending on the size of cable drums used on site.

The panoramic suspended cab is pressurised and fitted with air conditioning, providing comfortable and safe driving for the operator. Cab structure is ROPS and TOPS certified.
Ergonomic controls are mobile. They enable safe driving operation from inside the cab, either on the right, or on the left hand side, or even from outside the cab, using the radio remote control facility.

All components or maintenance check areas are accessible easily, thanks to several access covers and panels.
Side rails (removable during transportation of the trencher) are fitted alongside the machine, contributing to the safety of operators during cable installation prior to trenching operations.

The rear part of the machine is fitted with a single or a double rail (for narrow or large offset facility), on which a tilting boom can slide. The tilting correction facility (+/- 15°) enables trenching on uneven ground keeping the wheel vertically.
If necessary, RIV 554 can be fitted with hydraulics connections for supplying accessories such as vibrating screed, sand buggy, backfilling equipment, etc.


Wheel Minimum Maximum Maximum
Trench Width Trench Width Depth
TR202T 250mm 450mm 1 500mm
TR202GDT 250mm 450*mm 1 500mm
TR250T 250mm 450mm 1 800mm

* 350 mm offset beyond the machine overall width


RIV 554TR202T









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