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RIVCITY is a radio remote controlled Micro Trencher fitted on a crawler with rubber tracks. RIVCITY is a machine designed for laying Telecom networks in urban areas. Robust and efficient, its axial driven trenching wheel is fitted with side covers preventing flying soil and dust.

A powerful machine capable of digging micro trenches into soft or heavy road structures. Its small dimensions are ideal for operating in urban limited space and confined areas, with a very limited disruption of road and pedestrian traffic.

Key Points

  • Axially driven trenching wheel fitted with side covers
  • Excavated soil laying on a single side strip alongside the trench
  • Soil can be sucked off straight away from the wheel side covers
  • Hydraulically adjustable trench depth
  • High Weight V. Power ratio
  • Compact
  • Rubber tracks
  • Versatile wheel with a range of bolted elements to suit various trench widths
  • Wheel suitable for trenching in bends or roundabouts
  • 360 ° operation visual field, machine entirely radio remote controlled


Engine Power 80 kW (109hp)
Operating Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 6 500 x 1 000 x 1 500
Weight 7 000 kg
Minimum trench width 90 mm
Maximum trench width 120 mm
Maximum trench depth 500 mm

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