Suction Excavators

How does suction excavator work?

The suction excavator designed by Rivard is an equipment that allows extraction by suction of various materials : solids, liquids or pasty ones. This equipment has the special feature of tilting right or left which makes it very handy. This excavator uses the principle of hydrodynamic vortex. The excavator by suction is equally adapted to more or less deep underground interventions and in more complex industrial situations.

The Rivard's excavator by suction: the EXVAC

Expert for more than 60 years in equipments for public works, industry and environment, Rivard has developed a powerful excavator by suction model.
EXVAC is a unit on truck for carrying fast, safe and quiet vacuum excavation in busy underground utilities areas (inner city centres, streets, pavements, etc.). It can also be used for numerous applications in industrial and environmental sectors of activity.

You can also buy a second-hand suction excavator if we offer ones.

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