RIVARD is a French industrial company founded in 1952, with head-office located at Daumeray in Maine & Loire, France (F-49640)

RIVARD design and manufacture equipment for:

  • Waste Disposal / Sewer Cleaning
  • High pressure water Jetting and Process applications
  • Utilities



Main Events

  • 1952: RIVARD is established for manufacturing machinery and equipment to be fitted on Mercedes-Benz ‘Unimog’ trucks, and ploughs, mainly for agricultural and forestry applications
  • 1960’s: RIVARD start manufacturing and selling liquid waste disposal vehicles
  • 1980’s: New era. The small family business becomes a proper manufacturer, with an industrial production plant, several departments, and a much larger staff. At that time, RIVARD diversify its activities, dealing with high-pressure water jetting pumps for industrial cleaning, mostly in refineries
  • Late 1980’s: RIVARD is sold to the Trouvay & Cauvin group, boosting its export sales through a wide network of international subsidiaries
  • 2000 : RIVARD is acquired by a financing company
  • 2008 : RIVARD is sold to the ALAMO GROUP Inc.

Nowadays, RIVARD have:

  • More than 300 employees
  • More than 7 000 units operating all around the world
  • More than 1 000 customers
  • 10 500 sqm of covered plant
  • 10 Service locations in France

RIVARD teams are all working together dealing with your enquiries and proposing valuable solutions:

  • Best suited to customers requirements
  • Fully compliant to current relevant standards and regulations
  • Environmentally responsible

« RIVARD, a team at your service, machines to suit your needs. »